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Ohio Crossroads Industrial Center

Ohio Crossroads Industrial Center

Owned by the Crawford County Development Board, this 44+ acre site is competitively priced at $10,000 per acre. In addition to being certified by SiteOhio as shovel-ready for new development, 22 acres of this site is also certified by Austin Consulting for Food and Beverage manufacturing.

The property is located within Bucyrus City limits, is visible from, and less than a one-mile drive from US Highway 30. The site’s ample utilities and excess water and sewer capacities– 2.3 MGD and 1.4 MGD respectively–make it especially prime for new development, and particularly in the food and beverage sector. In addition, our business climate and logistics are a true asset– this site is within an 8-hour drive of 65% of US businesses.

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 The SiteOhio authentication process identifies sites in Ohio ready for development day one. All sites are construction ready with utilities to the park boundaries including water, sewer, electricity, natural gas and fiber. Each site undergoes a usability audit to ensure the site is intuitively positioned for optimal access, allowing businesses to hit the ground running and get to market faster.




The Crossroads Industrial Center was awarded the 2016 Austin-AEP Shovel-Ready Site Designation for the Food and Beverage Sector for its site preparation and due diligence effort. Crawford County is one of only five sites with this certification, which signifies that the site meets or exceeds the requirements for food processing, including transportation, infrastructure, and utility requirements.




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