About Crawford: 20/20 Vision

Our Vision

Through Crawford: 20/20 Vision, Crawford County will become a sustainable place in which individuals and families seek to live and work, businesses succeed, and public and private sector organizations collaborate effectively to meet the needs of citizens.

The Plan

In 2009, the Crawford Partnership held community meetings with private citizens, elected officials, business leaders, school officials and law enforcement officials to determine and develop strategies to move our county community forward into year 2020 and beyond.

The Crawford: 20/20 Vision Plan is the result of those meetings, and it serves as our blueprint for driving change through strategic objectives and measurable goals. The Vision is funded primarily by private sector contributions and investors who believe in the Crawford Partnership’s mission to make Crawford County a place where people seek to live and work. The focuses defined by the Crawford: 20/20 Vision plan — which are supported by volunteer Action Teams — also guide our professional community development efforts to enhance the livelihood of our community.