Quality of Life

About this Action Team

The Quality of Life Action Team is passionate about enriching and enhancing the quality of life in Crawford County for all members of the community, including seniors, families, working professionals, and children. By enhancing the quality of life here, the team supports all Vision other efforts, helping businesses thrive, attracting young families, creating a safe and healthy environment for all citizens, and working to reverse the trends of population decline. Quality of Life encompasses entertainment, recreation, education, beautification, accessibility, and the overall standards for health, comfort, and happiness in our community.



  • The REC – Recreation, Entertainment, Community Complex
  • Community Opportunity
  • Growing Together: an intergenerational partnership with the Crawford County Council on Aging and Sonshine Preschool
  • Efforts to address childcare access, quality, and options for working parents
  • Countywide Bikeway
  • Support for the Crawford Health Partnership / Cardiovascular Committee